A Path of Disaster. Codename: “WHIP MY HAIR”

I’m sure that you all have heard Will Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith’s, new song being in an age of technology. It’s called “Whip My Hair” It has gotten over 2 million views in just a few days. I give her credit in terms of beat. But the content…….honestly? I’m sorry, if she’s singing absurd songs now I forsee a peak in a career ending with a big BANG. She has talent, she just hasn’t used it well. I’m not saying I have any dislike towards her as a person. I think she could have come up with something more euphonious than “Whip My Hair”.

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I made it……

To Sectionals! Well, almost. I ended being in the top 10, #8 to be exact. So I am an alternate that will run if anyone cannot attend. I am SUPER excited and proud of myself. I could just die. 🙂 Oh, wait! If I die, someone else can take my spot!! Nevermind…….  =3

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Mishka, the Singing Siberian Husky

I recently discovered a now famous singing canine that has become popular throughout the web. Her name is Mishka. She is a beautiful Siberian Husky who can not only sing, she can talk as well. Here is a link to her video of her singing with the help of autotune. Enjoy!


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No More Starbucks……Hello Jamba Juice

I don’t know if I have mentioned this in my past blog posts, but I have given up my love for Starbucks for another sweet treat I like to call, Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice, if you did not already know this, is much more healthier than Starbucks.

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City Meet for XC!

I’m stoked for this week’s city meet for Cross Country. If I run hard enough, I will make the top seven(varsity) and continue on to Sectionals. All I have to say to the one girl who stands between me and Sectionals……..I’m coming to take my rightful place.

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I Need Itune giftcards……

Because I currently have $50 dollars worth of music that I would like to download. Christmas and my birthday couldn’t come any sooner. =3

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OMG! Facts #6

The longest recorded time for someone to have hiccups is 69 years! Can you believe that! This was set by a man named Charles Osborne(related to Ozzy?). He started hiccuping in 1922 and couldn’t stop until 1991! Could you imagine having that in your system?!?! When he finally stopped, he died 11 months later. I bet his diaphragm was so screwed up from 69 years of hiccuping. :/

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